Downloads Up


I got the download section functioning now. I have available the most recent patch as well as the No CD file so you can play without the hassle of a disk. More to come in the future.

A note from a programmer's perspective:
The download section proved quite interesting to design and construct. It is very php heavy in script, but I wanted it very lightweight if you will, so i wouldnt have to mess with any sql databases or such, so I came up with an idea modifying the news script for the downloads.

What actually is going on in the download directory is I have to sub-directories: files and database. In the files directory, I of course have all the download files, but in the database directory is where the magic is. Each download file has a corresponding text file that contains all the information about it, the file name, what game it's for, the type of download it is, url for a screenshot (if any), and even the complete description. I can then load the file data into an array, and have every new line a new entry in a secondary array, effectively making a database from a two-dimensional array, all with minimal scripting. Granted, doing it like this is not as powerful as an actual database, but I don't really need any intricate sort functions or the like; this will do just fine, if not better for my purposes.