Slowly Finishing Up

I'm slowly getting all the coding completed on the new website. All my delayed promises will be fulfilled to you shortly. ;)

Crazy Editing Stuffings

So basically I'm messing around with using layouts on Blogger. Things are going to look pretty crazy for a while until I can get everything situated, but don't worry, it shouldn't take too long!

Traversing from local news feed to Blogger feed

Recently, I managed to get an opportunity to work closer with the Blogger API and whatnot, allowing me to learn how to manage various RSS and Atom feeds, thus allowing me to have the Blogger feed post directly to the website. As such, I am taking my posts on the local server and adding them to the Homeworld Source Blogger, and backdating them as needed. Once I get that done, I will then change the news feed on the main page of the website to show the feed from Blogger.

Another Website Overhaul

I'll admit that I've been neglecting this site, albeit not because I'm lazy (although partly) but rather I've been super busy with live and school and work. I'm about to overhaul the code again for the entire site so that it is more fluid, and also so that it's easier for me to do updates, as well as allow for submissions.

I'm curently using flatfiles for everything except for the "other" downloads section, but I'm moving the entire site over to MySQL. This should make managing the multiplayer maps section easier as well.

Another thing that I'm redoing is the look and feel of the site. I am currently using an ugly code to create nine-slice boxes for the various parts of the website. I've recently learned a new process with CSS3 that will allow me to just use one image for each "box" so instead of having to code for nine separate div tags I can just use a single div for stuff. This should cut down on my code considerably which should up load times. You shouldn't notice a difference in how the website actually looks, just an increase in speed.

Also in the works:

  • User (you, the reader) submitted maps/backgrounds/etc
  • Online file generator (like a .level file or .missphere file)
  • Better navigation of the maps and download section in general

Downloads Section Framework Completed

So I finally finished the framework for the downloads section. It's very similar to the news posts in that you can comment on individual download files. This is useful for if you have questions, or you see someone else have a question that you know the answer to. :D

Almost done with the new downloads system

I'm adding some finishing touches to the new download system, including comments for individual downloads so people can discuss issues about each download. I'm hoping to be completed by Monday because I'll be going on a two week business trip then, so if it isn't done by then, the downloads section has to wait an extra two weeks to be updated. D:

I'm Still Here... Still

I haven't forgotten about this website, I promise. I have just had a lot going on in my life. Lot's of stress at work, computer problems at home, generic "life" stuff. This website is only a hobby project that I use to apply what I learn in my spare time. I'll think, "I wonder how to do this" then I'll research whatever "this" is, design, and impliment it on the site. Making it based off of something instead of just using generic "hello world" snippets makes it easer to keep it fresh with legit content.

That being said, I currently have leven generators in development. They used to be in the form of an excel spreadsheet, but I'm trying to convert them over to PHP as I'll have much more flexibility in what can be done, albeit with some limitations. So don't worry, I still haven't forgotten about this site.