First post evar!

I'm giving this a try since I was having crazy issues trying to get the "news posting" junk on my site to work. Eventually I'm going to have this publish to the site, but for now it will just be my blog for Homeworld related stuff and site updates until I get it all up and running. The reason I want to make this site is to have a one-source place for everything Homeworld. If you search around Google for things involving the game, the net is littered with broken links and missing files. I would love to resurrect this game to it's original potential, but whatevs, as long as I can just get a game in every now and then I'll be good.

Right now the site is pretty much worthless. I'm building it on my computer and uploading it as I make "large" strides. I'm holding off on uploading anything else until I can get the basic functionality completely figured out. I'm having some small issues pulling files from sub-directories but I'm almost done. The main things on the list of to-dos are:

  • Get the website functionality working properly (no broken links & easy addition of information)
  • Get a tutorial up on how to install homeworld/cata/hw2 on win7
  • Get a tutorial up on how to get a VPN up and running to play other peeps
  • Get a tutorial up on how to make multiplayer maps to keep the game new...ish.
Once I get those four things accomplished (homeworld 1 install only for now) I'll upload the site again. No worries, I'll give updates as I progress.