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Downloads Up

I got the download section functioning now. I have available the most recent patch as well as the No CD file so you can play without the hassle of a disk. More to come in the future.

A note from a programmer's perspective:
The download section proved quite interesting to design and construct. It is very php heavy in script, but I wanted it very lightweight if you will, so i wouldnt have to mess with any sql databases or such, so I came up with an idea modifying the news script for the downloads.

What actually is going on in the download directory is I have to sub-directories: files and database. In the files directory, I of course have all the download files, but in the database directory is where the magic is. Each download file has a corresponding text file that contains all the information about it, the file name, what game it's for, the type of download it is, url for a screenshot (if any), and even the complete description. I can then load the file data into an array, and have every new line a new entry in a secondary array, effectively making a database from a two-dimensional array, all with minimal scripting. Granted, doing it like this is not as powerful as an actual database, but I don't really need any intricate sort functions or the like; this will do just fine, if not better for my purposes.

Up & Running

Finally got everything squared away. Only took forever. I'm glad to see everyone back in the blogging community. My life is super busy right now so let me give you the short 411:

  • Inspection coming up at work
  • Satisfying my minecraft withdrawls
  • Archiving the internet
When I say "archiving the internet" I really mean I'm going out and saving every last piece I can find involving Homeworld. The purpose of my site is to make a one-stop-shop for everything Homeworld, and many of the sites that are currently hosted haven't been touched in years, and I'm afraid that things will start disappear (or rather, continue to disappear as there are shittons of broken links anyway). So as of right now the website is semi-on hold, but I'm still cleaning up some things with it and what not. The next major update will be the download section. It will have all the patches, tools, utilities, etc. needed to play Homeworld, among other things.

In the Mail

The replacements are in the mail and should be here by the end of the week! :D