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Updates On Hold

Just giving everyone a heads up: updates are going to be on hold until I get the site up and running on the new server. I got the LightBox issue fixed, and a few other things added, but I'm not going to upload them on the old server when Just Host is going to delete the files in 4 days. I'll let you know when the new site is up! :D

Lightbox Issues

Well, I rarely use my Internet Explorer, but when I do, it puts me into automatic rage mode. Today, I loaded up my website (backgrounds download page) to make sure my spacing was correct for displaying the thumbnails of the backgrounds. Everything was all fine and dandy until I went to click on one of the thumbnails to see a bigger picture. The Lightbox failed. I'm assuming this is also the case for the currently installed Lightbox for the tutorial pages, so I have no idea how long this has been going on. So, currently on the todo list:

  • Transfer the Domain Name to Go Daddy server (half way there actually)
  • Fix the Lightbox issue or just remove Lightbox for the time being
  • Upload more multiplayer maps
  • Upload the map backgrounds
  • Upload mapmaking tutorial

Domain Name Renewal Time


Well, it's that time in the life of a website where a decision must be made. And since I get regular traffic to this website, I'm going to continue it's life. However, I am not too fond of justhost's plans, and I want to transfer the domain name to godaddy. So, if the site goes down, it's in the process of being transferred.

Bad News & Good News

I just got an email yesterday. It appears my domain name is up for renewal. I want to transfer it, but Just Host is being a bitch about the whole situation (as usual per their unwritten contract of having as unhelpful customer service as possible). The site will be up until 17 Jun 2011 when it expires. If it's down after that, I still didn't get the domain transferred to Go Daddy just yet, but fear not, it WILL be done.

Also, as promised, I am coding the maps download page as I type this. However, it's 1 a.m. and I'm getting tired. I may just finish up the maps download page tomorrow.

DIV Layout Complete... Sort of...

Well, I have my template file complete that converted all the table layouts to div layouts. According to my calculation, this saves me about 8,000 lines of code of the so far underdeveloped website. I didn't have time to go through and change all the pages (because it's a lot of code to sift through) so no uploads to the live site. But, whilest taking breaks from coding, I did finally manage to stock-pile some multiplayer maps for homeworld and cataclysm. Those should be up within the week. This time I won't break that promise. Even if I just have to load a basic html page just so you can download them. <3

I love you that much.

Breaking My Promise

Well, I won't be breaking it completely, as I will still be uploading as much new content as possbible, but as I was coding the new pages I realized that how I have the site designed as-is is, well... for lack of a better word, shitty. I, despite having failed at many attempts, decided against using a <div> for the more frowned upon <table> layout. Yes, this was bad, and because of it, it's making other things a tad more difficult, namely how my styles are being displayed by different browsers. Another thing is that whenever I mad major modifications to files or moved files to a different directory, I left or renamed the originals just in case I screwed something up. So, in an effort to clean up the site inside and out, I'll be dedicating more time to that instead of adding content, because adding content will be easier in the long run if I do this now.

Right. About actually working...

Yeah, it has been a couple of months since I've updated the actual site, because I've been incredibly busy. But, some good news: as I type this blog I actually have 12 new pages open that I am coding for the website. Right now I am porting everything off of the Map Makers Archives site that doesn't have a broken link. It has the most information in regards to map making still on the internet, albeit the organization of the data is somewhat... non-organized. I guess an ETA on the new upload will be around the end of this week.