And thus I replied, "FUCK YOU PHP!"


All I wanted to do was to have a download counter for my download section, but nooooo, the powers that be had to shit on my dreams; but nay sayeth I, and down thy wrath cometh, a fiery storm of programming fury that hath no limits.

But seriously, it took me quite a few hours to figure this one out. I won't bore you guys with the details, but let it be known that there are some magical properties in my script; I know not how it exactly works, just that the particular ingredients in their particular order magically work. It's nice when things work.

The code is so disgusting to look at; 184 lines of code and I know that only around 40 or so lines are actually needed to make it work, but everything is interacting in such a way that I don't want to clean it up and make this house of cards crumble to the floor, ruining my hard work with nothing to show for it, so it's staying as is.

Anyway, now I can check out how many times my files are downloaded. It's nice to say the least. I can't track how many people do this with analytics, so doing this allows me to see how much use I'm getting, as well as allowing users to see how many times a file was downloaded.

I notice I neglect to post actual URLs in my posts (although the URL to my website is in the page banner thing) so here is the link to the download page, complete with download tracking as well as sorting options:

Comments & suggestions always welcome! :)