Up & Running


Finally got everything squared away. Only took forever. I'm glad to see everyone back in the blogging community. My life is super busy right now so let me give you the short 411:

  • Inspection coming up at work
  • Satisfying my minecraft withdrawls
  • Archiving the internet
When I say "archiving the internet" I really mean I'm going out and saving every last piece I can find involving Homeworld. The purpose of my site is to make a one-stop-shop for everything Homeworld, and many of the sites that are currently hosted haven't been touched in years, and I'm afraid that things will start disappear (or rather, continue to disappear as there are shittons of broken links anyway). So as of right now the website is semi-on hold, but I'm still cleaning up some things with it and what not. The next major update will be the download section. It will have all the patches, tools, utilities, etc. needed to play Homeworld, among other things.