Website "Refurbished"


First major update complete. I've got the major functionality of the site worked out for the most part. You will get some 404 errors but as long as they are in the same "theme" as the website it's okay. Those are pseudo 404 errors I stuck in the PHP code so it wouldn't freak out when it was trying to find something that didn't exist. You will notice on the news page there are a lot of "Untitled" posts; those are the reason why I made this blog, because I couldn't get the code to take the stupid data lol. Once I get around to it I'll have this blog feed into the site.

Next step: get a tutorial on how to install homeworld on windows 7. I don't know if you have to do compatibility mode or whatever, I haven't google searched it yet, so we'll see how that goes. Anyway, poke around a bit. It's mostly Lorem Ipsum, but as of now the site is really kind of in proof-of-concept mode.

Also, I don't know if people thought I made the video for the game in the last post, so just to clarify: I didn't. :)