Just a slightly quick update and a video.


Today is my day off. Lots of coding for the site. So much, in fact, that my eyes are currently twitching while I type this. Honestly, this isn't easy for me. I've been working on this on and off since '06, and by now I'm really wanting to get it up and running. The only programming class I had was sophomore year in high school, which was in 2002, so everything I know now was basically learned from w3schools and Google. I'm actually quite proud of what I've accomplished, seen as how it's an off and on project. Had I not commented like a good coder I probably wouldn't even be this close to finishing, since I would probably have a lot of "WTF does this do?" instances that would undoubtedly lead to delete-this-to-see-what-it-dooOOH-SHIT-I-NEEDED-THAT moments, so I can thank my coding teacher for that.

Anyway, progress on the site so far is I completed my dynamic page banner script and also the script that is pulling php files from sub directories. The ladder may need to be modified a little bit if I want to go deeper, but as of now things work. I'm throwing in Lorem Ipsum pages to ensure functionality is correct whilest "acquiring" a copy of Homeworld.

And here is a (terrible quality) video of gameplay with the credit song by Yes: