Figured I'd throw in a "+ Miscellaneous" post since so far it's been all Homeworld stuff (that and even though the Homeworld install worked, I ran into some problems. Somehow I fixed them, but I don't know how, so I don't want to post up a tutorial just yet). I talked to a buddy of mine who is extremely in the know of what's going on with Egypt because I couldn't really grasp all the bullshit on TV and the lengthy articles were too long to read. So, to sum it up as much as possible:

Dictator of Egypt (whom we [the USA] sell lots of weapons to) hates the fact that his economy is shit, so raises the prices of commodities: food, water, etc., which was the straw that broke the camel's back. People started rioting, but then turned on each other (old government vs new government [the Muslim Brotherhood]) which is kind of stupid but whatever. So, this unrest is spreading throughout the region, and if the Muslim Brotherhood takes power, they are most likely going to go to war with Israel. Egypt is pretty much the major military in the region (as USA is to the world). Isreal doesn't have a large military, but they do have nukes. And they would probably use them without hesitation. And once people start using nukes, it's pretty much game on.

WWIII, coming soon to a "theater" near you. (lol get it? theater? it's a pun!)

Your thoughts are always welcome. :)