Breaking My Promise


Well, I won't be breaking it completely, as I will still be uploading as much new content as possbible, but as I was coding the new pages I realized that how I have the site designed as-is is, well... for lack of a better word, shitty. I, despite having failed at many attempts, decided against using a <div> for the more frowned upon <table> layout. Yes, this was bad, and because of it, it's making other things a tad more difficult, namely how my styles are being displayed by different browsers. Another thing is that whenever I mad major modifications to files or moved files to a different directory, I left or renamed the originals just in case I screwed something up. So, in an effort to clean up the site inside and out, I'll be dedicating more time to that instead of adding content, because adding content will be easier in the long run if I do this now.